Thursday, July 30, 2009

Miss Olive Snook

A couple of months ago my best friend called me about an abandoned litter of kittens. One of her friends found them when he went to get his little brother's ball out of the neighbor's back yard. His neighbor's cat had delivered a litter of kittens six weeks earlier, and I guess they decided not to take them when they moved out. He kept an eye on the kittens for a couple of days, and when it was obvious that the mother cat was not coming back, he took the kittens. They have all found homes by now, and I know for a fact, that one of those kittens is horribly spoiled. Her name is Miss Olive Snook, after the character on Pushing Daisies. 
I have had a few cats in my life, and all of them have a very definite personality; adorably grumpy, dangerously mellow, paranoid, homicidal, and persistently, obsessively affectionate. It was immediately clear that Olive is cheerfully disobedient and adorably annoying. She wants to be a part of everything. She has already figured out how to open doors, and cabinets, and has been in, and on, almost everything in the house! She has to play all the time, with anything she can get her paws on (feet). I thought cats were supposed to sleep more?

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