Friday, September 19, 2008

Type Can Be Fun!

I just completed a typography class at UCLA Extension with Andrew Kutchera. Our final assignment was to choose some text from a poem or song and then design 3 different posters using only type and no image. This was the first assignment of the entire class that we were to explore hand lettering. I was perfectly happy to ignore my computer and play with letterforms. I looked at a lot of other designer's work and surrounded myself with tracing paper and sketches. I also cutout tons of letters with an xacto knife, which is what I ended up using for one of my final pieces.
This was a great assignment and I really got into it. The point of the assignment was to really explore letterforms and play with different ways of presenting them.
Looking back at some journal entries, I realize that I was already thinking about type in a more playful way. Type seems more alive to me, now that I realize that letters can be creative and fun.
These were used in Italian window displays in 1925. This image can be found in Steven Heller and Louise Fili's book "Italian Art Deco". If you appreciate art deco or design, I highly recommend this book. It even has images of old perfume bottle labels!
If you enjoyed this post check out my list of typography websites. I will continue to add to this list as I come across additional interesting sites.

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